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Too many sheets of backing?

"I need to use several sheets of embroidery backing on difficult embroideries and not only is it difficult to frame up - let alone tear - it makes the embroidery very stiff and spoils the way the garment drapes. Can you Help"

Helpdesk Response.

This is a common complaint. Many embroiderers use one backing to do all applications (generally a 40g product) and use anywhere between 2 and 4 pieces depending on the fabric.

Using multiple pieces used to be the only way to embroider weaker fabrics, however there have been significant developments in embroidery backings which eliminate the need for this practice. Even though the cost of backing per embroidery is minuscule, selecting the right backing can have a marked difference in the quality of the embroidery and can play a part in lowering machine downtime. Using our specifically designed single sheet products such as our cutaway 50g or the fifty/fifty tearable you can frame up easier and ensure the inner frame doesn't jump out.