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Why do Embroiderers not like using Metallic Threads?

This goes back to the days of the old Metallic threads that were actually made of wire.
In those days the threads were coarse and abrasive. This often caused the machine parts to prematurely wear out and caused unnecessary breakages and fraying to other threads when they were run on the same machine. The old Metallic threads would cut grooves into the run paths, needle bars and grommets etc. this would then interfere with other threads.

However, the Metallic threads that are available today are far better and are constructed differently.

The thread we supply is the Gutermann Vici Metallic thread and our own brand rayon Metallic.

This thread is manufactured from Rayon fibres the same base fibres as the normal 'soft' embroidery threads, but they have a metallic finish of various colours.

These threads are available in the same ticket sizes as your normal embroidery threads and there is no need for tension changes or adjustments etc.

They will have the same resistance to breakage as the other Gutermann Rayon embroidery threads and are not considered harmful to use on modern embroidery machines.

If you are still worried about using these threads on your machine then I suggest a light application of Silicone spray on the running paths of the thread for extra lubrication, taking care not to spray the tension springs.

Have a word with your machine supplier and seek their advice, BUT don't be worried about the new generation of metallic embroidery threads such as those manufactured by Gutermann!