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The lettering on my polo shirt embroidery is too close together and hard to make out. Please advise?

Helpdesk Response

You should use the smallest frame size possible to fit the embroidery design.

The backing for this design should be a strong product e.g. our ISN050/090V2CLW or ISN050/150PVW as this will help to stabilise the weak fabric that you are embroidering onto.

You should look at loosening the spool thread tension, which will reduce the pull through effect and make sure that your bobbin thread tension is set correctly.

If the stitching is too dense, it should be either increased in size or a finer thread should be used for this part of the embroidery e.g. our M132 ticket 220 thread which is half the thickness of your embroidery thread.

Use a size 65 needle with the correct point for the fabric you are embroidering.

A solid grid pattern behind the lettering may also help stabilise the lettering and make it more legible.