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My customer has given me some Golf Jackets to embroider. The customer does not want to loose the waterproofing or breathe ability of the jacket once the embroidery has been applied. How do I get around this problem?

Helpdesk Response

I am so pleased that you have asked this question.

We have been working on this issue for some years now. Together with the manufacturer of the product called 'Nikwax' we have launched a range of WATER BASED liquids that you can apply to many different fabrics, without the need for any special Health & Safety requirements.

If you do not want to apply anything on the front then you can use our Anti wet patches that simply iron onto the back of the embroidery and prevent a damp patch.

Please look at the consumables section of our web site for full details of these waterproof products.

Good luck, go and get the business!