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Why do Embroiderers use Topping? This is a very good question and one that is asked very frequently these days.

The reason for using a Topping is to enable the embroidery design to be applied clearer, sharper and flatter, without the fabric pile coming through the design.

Topping is most often used on fabrics such as Fleece, Towelling and Knitwear, since these fabrics tend to lose the definition of the embroidery design and the designs sinks into the fabric.

The most common type of Topping is a clear film (Aquafilm), this tends to look and handle like cling film. The way that this type of product is used is that you frame this on top of the fabric at the same time as framing up with your backing.

These films tend to be a water soluble product, which once applied and the embroidery has been completed then they are washed or steam removed.

We have many types of water soluble films, Heat soluble films and water soluble non woven?s that you can choose from.

We have used our skills and knowledge of industry to provide our customers with the choice to select what is best from them.