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ETC Premium Metallic Thread Tkt: 40

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Manufacturer: ETC Supplies

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ETC Premium Metallic Rayon Embroidery Thread.

This is a high quality rayon filament with a metallic outer wrap thread. This product is available in 1,000 meter cops and 4,625 meter cones.

When using this type of thread we recommend the following;

* Use size 90 needles.

* Slow your machine speed as low as possible.

* Use our Fablube silicone spray on the needles and thread whilst sewing to prevent snagging.

This thread is available in the following colours.

ETC Rayon Metallic Thread Golden 1001 ME-005

ETC Rayon Metallic Thread Gold Bell 1002 ME-014

ETC Rayon Metallic Thread Metallic Silver 1003 ME-004

ETC Rayon Metallic Thread Silver Bell 1004 ME-003

ETC Rayon Metallic Thread Rose Gold 1005 ME-061

ETC Rayon Metallic Thread Rainbow 1006 ME-100

This Premium Metallic thread is sold at very low prices. The 1,000 meter cops are only £2.99 and the 4,625 cones are only £8.99


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