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Badge Make N Tear
Badge Make N Tear
Badge Make N Tear
Badge Make N Tear
Manufacturer: ETC Supplies

Price ex VAT: £7.99
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Badge Make ‘N’ Tear™ Fabric

The most exciting embroidered badge innovation in a decade!

This revolutionary new embroidered badge process eliminates all cutting from your badge creations!

Badge Make ‘N’ Tear is the complete solution for any embroiderer to create virtually foolproof badges EVERY TIME! You will LOVE the texture and dimension of this amazing new product.

With Badge Make ‘N’ Tear just place the fabric in your embroidery frame, no backing required. Do as many badges as you can fit in the frame and tear them out. It is that easy!

The finished badges can be sewn on or you can add our special Plasti-Fuse coating to iron them onto the garments.


• Place your Badge Make ‘N’ Tear fabric in the embroidery frame without backing. Most needles will work, but we suggest that you use size 65 with a SPI point. Use polyester embroidery thread.

• Put your frame in the machine.

• Do a tight satin stitch embroidery all the way around the outside of the design where you want to tear it away.

• Set the outer column density to .24

• When the embroidery is complete, cut to one edge of the badge, then you can tear around the edge.

• The edge of the badge will be slightly fluffy/fibrous. Do not worry about this. Using a hot knife go around the edge of the badge for a few seconds and this will bond the edges.

• Now your badge is ready for sewing on.

• If you want to heat press the badge onto your garment then do the following;

• Place a piece of silicon paper onto the bottom plate of your heat press.

• Place the Plasti-Fuse onto the silicone paper with the release paper facing down.

• Place your embroidered Badge Make ‘N’ Tear badges over the Plasti-Fuse with the embroidery facing up.

• Cover the whole area with another sheet of silicone paper.

• Heat press at 120°C for 8 seconds with a medium pressure.

• Remove the Badge Make ‘N’ Tear badges and allow to cool.

• Tear away any excess Plasti-Fuse and the release paper.

• Place your Badge Make ‘N’ Tear badge onto your garment, cover with silicone paper and heat press at 130°C for 12 seconds with high pressure.

• Remove the silicon paper and stand back to admire your work.

Correct digitising is very important to make these materials work effectively . If in doubt, we can provide you with a special digitising service for this material.

Sold in sheets of 50cm x 137cm

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Customer feedback

Being able to create badges of any shape for my customers without having to buy expensive cutting equipment has been brilliant for a small business like mine, its truly a fabulous product and I am hoping to grow this side of my business even more.

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