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Embroidery Training DVD

etv dvd copy
Manufacturer: ETC Supplies

Price ex VAT: £59.00


Get your own Embroidery Training DVD

This is a MUST HAVE knowledge base for all embroidery companies large and small. It tells you all about the techniques required to run and maintain your embroidery machine. This is information that the machine seller will not want you to have. You can save hundreds of pounds with the knowledge based articles in this DVD.

Do you employ staff?

Do you have a training programme in place?

This DVD is ideal for staff training and will help you comply with HSE requirements.

Hi ??.

I want to tell you how pleased I am with the Embroidery Training DVD.

I've already picked up quite a few very useful tips on machine maintenance and adjustment, including learning I've been doing something somewhat incorrectly - oops!

The investment in the DVD will be well repaid in the savings on engineers' visits!

Many thanks for making this DVD available.

Kind regards

Customer from London


Very informative. I am self taught so any advice is appreciated. Very useful tool to have.

Customer from Essex


Ideal for those starting embroidery.

A great training aid for new staff members. Something they can take and watch at home and learn from.

Customer from Norfolk

For 2 1/2 years I have been intimidated by my SWF601C. My husband recently purchased your DVDs for me, and I'm now "up and running!" You did such an excellent job of explaining the operation of the machine, even though it's a different model, that I confidently went over to it and began using it like an old pro. Thank you so much. I now love a machine that I had previously tried to sell. I even sent a message to the SWF yahoo group to state how wonderful they are and emailed a list member of the IEC, who was also afraid of her machine. She just ordered them, too. Keep up the great work!

Customer from USA.

I received the disks today, and I want to say thanks for the series. I know it will help me in maintaining the 2 SWF 1201?s I have. My husband and I watched it and you explain things very clearly, so that I don't have to call him in as if I am afraid to touch it, hehe. I am glad you offered this to me and again thanks very much.

Customer from USA.

I'm sure you'll get a number of responses about the training videos. We purchased the Repair/Maintenance video and are sure it's going to save us lots of down time with servicing our machine ourselves. In fact, we found something on the video that was different than what we were instructed to do during our original machine training, and it's already made a positive difference in how our machine runs.

Customer from USA.

I hope you remember me. I must say the DVD's are without doubt, 100 times more than I expected, FANTASTIC. Everyone that purchases a new machine or a used one either, MUST HAVE them. Anything I can do to get this reference to the public, you just let me know. When we finally get back on our feet (things still are terrible here) I am sure I will be ordering the training set for the people I will hire.

Customer from USA.

I Just wanted to drop you a note and say Thank You. The Training DVD?s are GREAT!!! I've learned so much from them. Really are well done and so easy to follow. Thanks Much.

Customer from USA.

Dean does a great job, is thorough and with the close up shots, you can see exactly what is being referred to during the training. We consider this an investment in our business and money well spent!

Customer from USA.

Thank you so much. I loved the first set....know that I will love the second too. Great job! Thank you. Kim

Customer from USA.

Not a problem! I told the truth. Those CD's were the best investment I have made and have already paid for themselves! You did a great job of making things look NORMAL! LOL!!!!

Customer from USA.

These are all the videos (in one DVD) that you get for ?59.00 + VAT & Carriage.

Maintenance and Adjustments

Cleaning your Machine and Rotary Hook

Cleaning your Bobbin

Oiling Your Machine Part

Oiling your Machine Part 2

Intro To Greasing

Greasing the Color Change Cam

Greasing Behind the Head

Greasing the X Pantograph

Greasing the Y Pantograph

Greasing the Rail

Adjusting the Picker

Installing and Adjusting the Wiper

Trimmer and Motor Repair

Adjusting the Trimmer P1

Adjusting the Trimmer P2

Adjusting the Trimmer P3

Removing an Encoder

Installing an Encoder

Removing a Potentionometer

Installing a Potentionometer

Removing a Picker Solenoid

Installing a Picker Solenoid

Replacing a Color Change Motor

Replacing a Wiper Motor

Machine operation 1

Introduction to Tension

The "I' Test

The FOX test

Replacing a Tension Knob

Threading your machine

Pull Through Method

Threading from Scratch

Machine operation 2

Reciprocator and Rotary Hook

Removing your Embroidery Head

Removing the Reciprocator

Installing the Reciprocator

Installing the Embroidery Head

Removing the Rotary Hook 1

Removing the Rotary Hook 2

Rotary Hook Timing 1

Rotary Hook Timing 2

Machine operation 3

Centering a Hoop

Tracing a design

Setting up for Flats

Hooping a Polo

Hooping a Jacket Back

Using the Clamp

Using Fast Frames

Using the Border Frame

Appliqu? Embroidery

Needle bar and Pressure Foot

Changing a Needle

Removing a Needle Bar

Installing a Needle Bar

Needle Depth Adjustment 1

Needle Depth Adjustment 2

Removing a Pressure Foot

Installing a Pressure Foot

Hat and Cap Training

Installing the Driver

Removing the Driver

Installing the Hat Gauge

Hooping a 270 Cap Frame

Hooping a Standard Cap Frame

Attaching the 270 Cap Frame

Center and Tracing a 270 Frame

Center and Tracing a Standard Frame

Hooping for Front and Side Embroidery

Sewing Front and Side Embroidery

Sewing on Finished Caps

Hoop back of hat with 9cm Hoop

Hoop back of hat with Standard Frame

Adjusting a 270 Cap Frame

Adjusting a Standard Cap Frame

Please note: Software is non returnable.

Here are some of the features on the DVD......

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