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Allied Premium GridLock Melco/Amaya Frames

Manufacturer: Allied Grid-Lock

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Premium Allied Grid-Lock™ Embroidery Hoop for Melco Embroidery Machine.

Allied Grid-Lock™ plastic Melco embroidery hoops, frames have unique features which enable users to save hooping time and considerable money.

Allied Melco embroidery frames are available in multiple Arm Spacing (AS) distance specs (measured in mm) for Melco tubular machines. "Arm Spacing" is also often referred to "Sewing Field" or "Embroidery Field".

Most common: 400 mm (approx. 15.5”), 500 mm (approx. 19.5”).

Please select your hoops based on the AS distance of your machine.

Allied Melco embroidery hoops for commercial Melco embroidery machines work on the following machine models:

Amaya XT Series, Amaya XTS Series, Bravo Series, EMT Series & more.

By using the patented built-in alignment grid and other features of Allied Grid-Lock frames, if an embroiderer can save just one garment from getting ruined due
to mis-aligned embroidery, that savings would practically pay off the cost of the frame! And the savings would continue over and over!
This makes Allied frames truly the best-featured, ‘best value’ frames in the world!


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