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Coats Sylko EcoVerde Recycled Plastic Thread

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Coats Sylko EcoVerde is a 100% recycled trilobal polyester thread for machine embroidery.
Cone size: 3,000 meters
Code: TPE120/3K/EV-COL
Price ex VAT: £6.99
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Coats Sylko EcoVerde is a 100% recycled trilobal polyester thread for machine embroidery.

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Sylko EcoVerde has superior lustre, durability and smooth operation at the highest speeds, which makes it a popular choice among embroidery customers seeking performance and durability.

Features and Benefits

* Coats Sylko EcoVerde is produced using the most advanced technology to guarantee optimum performance

* Made from 100% post consumer recycled polyester certified by the Global Recycle Standards (GRS)

* Excellent lustre and extensive range of colours and durability

* Superior colour fastness and chemical resistance

* Unique lubrication resulting in high productivity

* Superior abrasion resistance for demanding end uses

* Engineered for high speed sewing

* Certified to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, class I, the most stringent class covering textile items for babies and toddlers

* GRS certified

Click below for online shade card

Coats Sylko EcoVerde Shade Card

 We stock the following colours. We can supply any colour from the shade card with a minimum quantity of 10 cones and delivery time around 14 days.

WHITE - B1719

BLACK - B0900

RED - B0115


NAVY - B7897

GREEN - B5241

ORANGE - B2428


PINK - B0103

GREY - 9143


We may all be aware of our ever-increasing climate issues, but surprisingly unknown are the factors that negatively impact our planet, and more importantly, who’s most responsible.

At Coats, we hold sustainability at the heart of our business operations and are committed to pioneering a sustainable future. We are on our own journey, with many eco-goals; from our commitment to develop a long-term target reaching net-zero emissions by 2050 (the highest level of ambition on climate under the Science Based Target initiative) to our pledge of 100% of premium polyester thread sales to being recycled alternatives by 2024. However, collaborative effort throughout the market is, if not the only, solution to create most impactful change.

With our GRS certified Coats EcoVerde, Coats offers a 100% recycled alternative to virgin polyester, supporting this notion for our greener future. EcoVerde is our responsible solution to tackling one of the leading issues in this climate concern: plastic pollution. Did you know around the world nearly 1 million plastic bottles are sold every minute? And now, worldwide, over 79% of plastic waste accumulated in landfills or the environment, with much ending up in our oceans, this lasting over 450 years before beginning to decompose.

Coats EcoVerde requires 67 plastic bottles to produce 1kg of fibre and in only three years since it’s launch in 2018, we have recycled over 240 million PET bottles, avoiding 5588 tonnes of CO2 in the process. For comparison, that’s the equivalent to charging nearly 700 million smartphones.

Whilst being environmentally conscious, EcoVerde also strengthens a garment’s life and design quality. Undoubtedly, there is often a poor misconception toward recycled materials, including concerns regarding durability and colour performance. At Coats, we test the fibres throughout production, measuring their breaking points for continuous improvement, and we do not approve anything lower than 7.5 grammes per denier.

Durability is complimented with Coats innovative dyeing process. We use cutting-edge technologies to offer perfect colour matching and vibrancies with a minimal use of water. EcoVerde confirms that sustainability does not mean compromising on strength or aesthetic demands.

Our world is faced with an existential climate crisis, virgin polyester is not sustainable nor renewable and will only add to our growing problems. EcoVerde as our responsible alternative demonstrates there is no need to choose virgin polluting materials, instead, choose change.

We love our planet, and EcoVerde offers a sustainable alternative without compromise. However, only with a collaborative effort will our climate situation improve.

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