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Replacement Plotter Blade

Manufacturer: ETC Supplies

Price ex VAT: £12.99
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We now stock a wide range of KOKA Plotter blades for all makes.

KOKA Premium Plotter Blades have for over a decade been supplying plotter blades. Manufactured with Premium USA carbide material, each KOKA blade is ground over 500 times to ensure perfect finish. Each grinding task is inspected for 100% quality to ensure the blades meet the correct tolerance. The blades have a gloss aperance with a very smooth cutting edge. This is even visible in a microscope at 80x resolution. This results in blades that have 95% lifespand compared to original factory supplied blades.

Types of Plotter Blades

Plotter blades are tools incorporated in vinyl or sign cutting machines. The hardware utilised in these machines is identical to that used in plotter printers, except that blades replace ink pens. The baldes are mounted on ball bearings and their edges rotate to face the desired direction. The machine then cuts predetermined shapes on applications such as poster and durable outdoor signs. You can apply the blades to produce single line art in multiple or single colours. The blades come from different manufacturers.

Type 30-Degree Cutting Blade

The 30-degree cutting blade is a small and intricate cutting tool, and has a blade width of 2mm. It's manufactured from carbide to ensure tht the blades are strong and durable. This material also provides shock resistance qualities and remains robust to outdoor elements. This blade is utilised in small font and to produce the linear lines of complex logo design, equipped with a compact blade capable of fast and intricate operations. This balde does not come as standard with most plotting and cutting machines and is not suitable for thick vinyl or material.

Type 40-Degree Cutting Blade

The 45-degree vinyl cutter blade is compatible with a range of vinyl cutter tools. These include most popular models on the market today. The blade works at a 45-degree angle when cutting and has a diameter width of 2mm. The blade is standard , designed for everyday use and for cutting vinyl. The blade is included with the purchase of our vinyl plotting cutter machines.

Type 60-Degree Cutting Blade

The Flock 60-degree blade is non-standard in vinyl cutting applications and therefore does not come with every plotter or cutting machines. This blade is used in any application that cust something other than thin vinyl or card material and is especially favoured for thicker and more intensive tasks. It provides precise and accurate cutting for materials such as reflective or garment flock and metallic elements. The blade is manufactured from carbide and is designed to remain durable and retain it's sharpened edge.

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The blades are sold in units of one piece each.

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