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Ultra Soft Backing - 80% Biodegradable

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Manufacturer: ETC Supplies

Code: ISN100/100WPN
80% Totally Biodegradable
Wet laid construction
Multi Direction tear away backing
Natural colour only
100cm wide x 100 meters long roll
Price ex VAT: £69.00
Cut Piece Size
Bespoke Width (cm)

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Ultra Soft Tear Away Backing

The SOFTEST backing in the world

Manufactured from certified cellulose fibres.

80% Totally Biodegradable

Only from ETC Supplies

New performance fabrics call for a new type of embroidery backing

At ETC Supplies, we stock over 75 different types of embroidery backing, but that does not stop us developing new innovative embroidery backings. During the last five years we have seen a huge increase in a range of new fabrics. This coupled with customers ever demanding requirements for comfort and high quality embroidery has led us to develop this new Ultra Soft Tear Away backing.

Sportswear garments

These new fabrics tend to pucker and hole when embroidered. Our new Ultra Soft Tear Away backing will stop this problem, yet remain comfortable to wear.

School wear

Parents want softer embroidery with no backing rubbing on the skin. Our new Ultra Soft Tear Away backing will stop this problem.

General Embroidery

Embroidery companies want to use products that are safe for their staff and customers. The new Ultra Soft Tear Away is the ONLY product that Does Not contains any Formaldehyde or Carcinogenic and Allergenic Dyestuffs.

Use less backing

The new Ultra Soft Tear Away backing is 100g weight so you only need to use one piece per embroidery. It is cheaper to use one piece of Ultra Soft Tear Away than two pieces of cheap backing.

Difficult embroidery designs

Not a problem. Even when you are doing full in fill embroidery with a satin stitch border, the new Ultra Soft Tear Away backing will hold the stitches in place. This backing will remain 100% in place without perforating and moving. Yet when you come to remove it, it pulls away very easy without distorting the design.

What are the fibres made from? 80% Pulp 20% Bico Polyester

What is the binder? We are not using any binder/chemical.

Can this be treated as paper for recycling? Yes, can be treated as paper for recycling. Please check with your recycling company first.



The forest Stewardship Council (FSC)is an international non-profit organisation established in 1993 to promote responsible management of the world's forests. The FSC sets standards on forest products, certifies and labels them as eco-friendly.


‘Ultra Soft Tear Away’ is copyright of ETC Supplies ©

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